Monday, 25 May 2015

Do's and Dont's on how to get the best look for a party !!

Hey beauties !!! We always plan well ahead for a function, parties but are we really executing them perfect ?? Some say yes we do and some like we don't get the best outcome...
 No worries !! Here are some simple do's and don'ts when you plan for a party...

Do's and Don'ts :

  • Decide on your hairstyle before a week for the party and try it out on your hair how it suits you because when we do them in last minute am sure there we would be so busy getting ready and we may not get it right when we need. 
  • If you are opting for curls or waves or straightening there are few things to note. If you are doing waves go for heatless by setting your hair over night( There are lot of methods to set waves without heat). Sleep well and morning you could see your beautiful waves. If you need defined curls then start curling your hair before your makeup because if you are rolling your curls and using Barbie pins to safe it; you can give it sometime to set it until you are done with makeup.
  • Use always a hair spray to set your hair after you are done because it definitely helps them to stay longer. You can opt for a texturizing spray to give you a best finish. Do not apply serum after you are done with setting your hairstyle. If required apply your serum before you start any styling with your hair. 
  • Definitely apply a heat protectant spray Before you use any curling or straightening or hairdryer else it might make your hair look dull.
  • Now next is your makeup. Do not try any new creams or foundation on the day of your party. Use only the products that you comfortable so far. Because sometimes when you try something new it might make you look darker or cakey. 
  • Dark skinned beauties if you apply kajal in your lower lashes chances are high that might make you look darker so better try applying kajal previously for the same makeup and check how well it goes with your dress.
  • Do never forget to apply some shimmering bronzer on your hands and on your back neck because they are more important spots too.
  • Always choose your lipstick and eyeshadow which enhances each other and does not oppose.
  • It's a common mistake to apply lipstick so bright that it just pops only our lips to others and not our complete makeover so choose a shade which goes with your makeup. After applying lipstick just use a tissue paper and give a kiss to the paper.
  • Have lot of Barbie pins with you so you can help your hair stay on place if it comes out suddenly.
  • Now coming to the legs if you are wearing a short dress then do moisturizes your legs very well and apply a very light body shimmer to it. 
  • Have always a trendy bag with you to complete the look. Tan colored bags can go with any dresses so definitely have one. 
  • Keep your nails so clean if you are skipping your nail polish. Else apply a nail polish which is in skin color or which goes along with your dress.
  •  Have a makeup setting spray to set your makeup. But do note it does not make your face looks oily or so matte. Choose according to your skin type.
  • Have compact powder with you during the party so if you sweat or if you feel bit tired just go to the restroom and do a touch up.
So do you all like the do's and dont's for getting ready for a party. Share your comments and recommand the post if you like it.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

How to get Fairer Underarms ??

Yes !! We accept that our underarms are so important to us when we go sleeveless !! Only when we shave them we find them so darker. Here are some natural & easy tips which would definitely make your underarms fairer when you follow them regularly. Yes you do need some patience to get them fair :) :) :)

  • Mix Oats and honey : Apply this mixture as a scrub in your underarms for five minutes and wash it with cold water, Regular use of this will make your underarms looks fair and improves the darker skin.
  • Milky Time : Apply skim of milk with a very few drops of lemon and olive oil. Massage this in your underarms and wash if off with your regular soap (A moisturizing one !! ) 
  • Orange pack : This one you can either prepare at home by drying the skin of orange or buy any orange powder pack from shop. Use this two days once in your underarms to get rid of darker under arms. 
  • Awwww Tamarind : Apply a tamarind based body polisher. This ooes wonders for darker underarms. You can find them in forest essentials range.
  • Coconut milk : Coconut milk together with cucumber will make it look fairer

Few more tips to avoid darker underarms :

  • I understand that all of us are so busy running to office and working at home which makes us use razor for underarms. Kindly avoid it. 
  • Use a moisturizing soap for your underarms not the ones which removes natural oils from skin. 
  • Do not directly spray your deodorant on your underarms. Definitely this will make the skin look darker. 
To instantly make your underarms lighter apply any pack you use for your face for few minutes and wipe it with warm towel followed by splash of cold water. 

Hope you all liked the tips :-). Thanks for reading. More on the way !! Kindly share or recommend using below buttons if you like this post.
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