Friday, 1 August 2014

How to do facial massage on your own !!

Hey All !! Doing facial Massage has different technique. We go for parlor spend some money and do it. Yeah that's also good for a facial regime. But we can go a facial massage at home itself by using products from our kitchen.

What's the use of facial massage ?
In a word I can say 'Rejuvenate'. Yes it relieves tension, stress, its very helpful in preventing the signs of wrinkles and imparts blood circulation. Facial Massage adds a dose of glam to you.

How can you do facial massage at home ?? 

For massaging you can use a mixture of Apple, Strawberry and curd, because this suits for all types of skin and curd has the property to vanish your sun tan.

Here are the simple steps which guides you do the massage at home !!

1. Use a cleansing milk and apply it all over your face for two minutes and wash it off for dry skinned beauties. For oily skinned beauties use rose water instead of milk.

2. When you are starting your massage, do the massage only upwards and never downwards. Because doing upwards lifts your skin.

3. Start your massage using your fingers one by one and bringing it together on your cheeks from your neck. Do not take both the hands from your face while you are massaging. If you need to take your hands off, let one hand be on your face for sure,

4. Use your fingers and tap all over your face gently for sometime.

5. Use your fingers and do the massage laterally on your center of Jaw.

6. From your jaw go towards your cheeks with your fingers five to ten times.

7. Massage with your finger around your lips and on corners of the lips with right and left ring fingers.

8. Use your first three finger and massage on your laugh line thrice.

9. Pinch gently on your cheeks and massage for good blood circulation.

10. Massage with your finger on top of your nose and sides of your nose.

11. Use you thumb finger and from the center of your eyebrows massage across the top of your both brows.

12. Press both the eyebrows ten times gently.

13. Use two fingers and massage on your forehead in circular motion.

14. Press on your pressure points once, the pressure points places are Center of Jaw, Lateral of your nose, Center of your eyebrows, end of your eye brows (downwards). These are basic pressure points.

Do all the above given points three times and you are done with your facial massage !! Hope you all liked the simple steps.

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