Friday, 27 June 2014

Formula X For Sephora Nails Top coat and Base Coat Review

Quantity: 12mL/0.4 FLOz each.
Price: 10.50$ each
I was looking for a good Base coat and Top coat product for a while. While I was shopping in Sephora, I found these two beautiful looking Base Coat and Top Coat.
Formula X For Sephora Base Coat and Top Coat : The base coat is light pink in color but then when you apply its just transparent and has a shining effect. It gives a good coat on the nails. I waited for few minutes for it to get dried and then applied my Lakme color crush nail color which is lavendar (Shiny too). After I applied two coats, I waited for 10 minutes to get it dried. The top coat is completely transparent in look and on applying it gave a finishing and a glossy look to the nails. However the look did not last for days. For first 5 days it was all okay but after that I did not feel the same glossy thing and somehow felt a thickned look of nails. Also though i dried my nails for a descent time the paints were not perfect it got a nice cracks in its looks (may be i did not dry well :( ).
Lets see Pros and Cons on this product :
Pros :
  • The base coat acts as a good fix for the nail paint and the nail polish remains for descent number of days
  • If you see your nails from a distance it has a beautiful look due to the top coat applied
  • Both will last for few months with no doubt
Cons :
  • As my nail paint itself was shiny and a top coat above than that reduced the shiny look of my nail paint (I felt so)
  • It took lot of time to get it dried more than 10 minutes and I was so careful when doing other work after that. (Though i got some here and there imperfection)
  • The packaging is not so great as I wanted to open two caps
  • Price is bit high for base coat and top coat (Brand decides it !! )
Rating : 3.5/5

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