Thursday, 17 July 2014

Easy Eye Makeup Tutorial with Violet and Olive Shade

Today let's see how well violet and olive shade enhances the look of  your eyes !!! I am using tri color here one is dark purple or violet, light shaded purple and olive shade from my eye shadow palette.

Actually i wanted to try kareena kapoor's eye makeup look for lakme eye shadow palette but I was tempted to do my eye makeup with dark purple. Its very simple and you can understand from the below picture representation.

Step 1 : As usual apply concealer and talcum powder as a base.

Step 2 : Take the dark purple color from your palette with a medium brush

Step 3 : Apply it all over your lid till your end of outer V

Step 4 : Apply it on your crease and blend it well with the lid and end it end of the upper lash line.

Step 5 : Take the light purple eye shadow from your palette

Step 6 : Apply it on your outer V alone and blend it slightly with the crease and lid. This will highlight your eyes.

Step 7 : Apply the light shaded purple to your inner V and blend it slightly with your crease and lid

Step 8 : Apply kajal only to your lower water line

Step 9 : Apply eye liner in a usual way. Here i have applied it till end of upper lash line.

Step 10 : Apply mascara to both upper and lower lash line.

Step 11 : Take the olive green shade from your palette

Step 12 : Apply it to your lower lash line. If you would want you can apply kajal to 1/4th of your lower lash line and olive green shade on top of it.

Share your comments on this eye makeup tutorial !! Will you try this on your eyes ??

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