Monday, 7 July 2014

Eye Makeup Tutorial for Summer with the elegant Blue eyeshadow

Hey All !!! This is a step by step eye makeup tutorial for Summer !!. You can wear this eye makeup especially to beaches and whatever places you may wish to go !!!

Step 1 : After applying concealer and talcum powder as a base, take a blue gel eyeliner with a brush and apply it from one half of the crease towards outer V. You need not extend it a lot. Keep it short and form a V shape and join it with the end of upper lash line.

Step 2 : Apply the blue shimmer eyeshadow on your lid and extend it till your inner V. Blend it well. Remember that you do not blend it with the already applied blue gel eyeliner because we need that to look bold and not blended. Also from the inner V join it till the start point of blue gel eyeliner.

Step 3 : Apply eyeliner on your upper lash liner. Do not apply it much thicker. Let it be a thinner line.

Step 4 : Apply Black kajal to your lower lash line. Do not apply to your water line now.

Step 5 : Go ahead and apply blue kajal on top of your black kajal to create a sexily effect on your eyes. So this is the reason behind step 3 where I asked you to apply a thinner eyeliner on your upper lashes because we are highlighting your lower lash line with black and blue kajal. See the 5th picture.

Step 6 : Apply black kajal to the starting of lower lash line but do not fill it till the end of lower lash line.

Step 7 : Apply mascara from left to right to create a feather effect.

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