Friday, 4 July 2014

Homemade Body Polishing Scrub in few minutes

This is a simple but effective body polisher scrub. I have added picture showing before and after applying the scrub. You can follow the below steps for well moisturizing and glowing effect.

Ingredients Needed : 
1. Tamarind, Rice Powder (grinded coarsely and not powdery), Honey , Cocunut oil (2 drops),  Jaggery (Powdered), Lemon (2 drops - optional),  Oats (grinded coarsely not powdery),  Salt ( shown in picture)

How to Make it :
Soak tamarind in warm/cold water for 15 minutes and filter it.
Have the tamarind liquid in a separate bowl.
Mix it with Jaggery powder, Rice powder, Honey, Oats and salt.
Rice powder and oats should only be grinded coarsely. It should not be too soft. Apply this to your body and leave it for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes scrub it nicely and wash it off with normal water.

What Happens ?? 

  • It gives you a healthy and brightened glow. 
  • You can also use it on your rough part of skin to get it moisturized.
  • It moisturizes very well and you would feel a baby soft skin.
  • You will see the brightened effect directly after you wash it off.

What next ?? 

During this 15 minutes do simple exercise, Rotate your head clockwise and anti clockwise 10 times each. Turn your head left and right in total 10 times. With this you can soon get rid of your lines in your neck.
Before - Applied - After

Enjoy the polished glow and share your comments !!!!!

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