Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Kristen Stewart Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial with cranberry and Brown & Black Shade

Kristen Stewart, most of the times we see her in black smoky eye makeup !! But this one is slightly a different look of smoky makeup with a tint of canberry shade with a mix of brown shade and black shade. All of them are shimmery. Now lets see how to get this look ??

Step 1 : Apply concealer to your eyes and Choose the black base from the palette as shown

Step 2 : Apply it over your lid and blend it well

Step 3 : Take the dark black eyeshadow with a short brush as shown.

Step 4 : Apply it from half of the crease to form a outer V and blend it with the inner V through the crease.

Step 5 : It should look like the picture

Step 6 : Take the cranberry color from your palette with a short brush and start from your inner V.

Step 7 : Apply till more than half of the lid and crease. Blend it well.

Step 8 : It should look like the picture below.

Step 9 : Apply a thin eye liner on your upper lash line

Step 10 : Apply kajal only to your water line

Step 11 : Apply mascara to upper and lower lash line

Step 12 : Take the dark black eye shadow from your palette

Step 13 : Apply the black eye shadow 3/4th of the lower lash line till it joins the inner V

Step 14 : Take the cranberry eye shadow with a very thin brush.

Step 15 : Apply to the remaining part of your lower lash line.

And you are done with the eye makeup !!!!

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