Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Light Creme Review

Price : 275 INR (Available in Shops and Online)

Quantity : 50gm

What Lakme Claims :
The Bio Hydrators in this lightweight gel replenish your skin’s moisture, making it softer and even-toned over time.
  • Bio Hydrators replenish skin moisture.
  • Luminizing Vitamins lighten your complexion from within.
  • Boosts the skin’s moisture while increasing its luminosity.
  • Apply after Lakmé Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Light Crème to get a moisturized effect.

How to Use :

Follow it up with the moisture boosting Light Creme that works from within to increase luminosity

My Take on the Product : 

I purchased the Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Serum along with the Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening creme. At first I thought this will be a kind of normal fairness creme. But actually it did not, the package was cute I loved the pink color and the color of creme had a tinge of pink. The consistency is nice in look and when i took little creme on my fingers it was so soft and I felt it like a baby creme. I applied few dots on my face and neck and started to spread them in upper direction from neck. The smell is like the previous intense radiance creme and like the intense whitening face wash. The smell did not disturb much and settles down in few minutes.

The creme was very light on the face and it got observed nicely on skin. I felt my face is too soft and moisturized. But girls you have to apply something on your face like compact if you more want to have a perfect makeup look. But if you want it to be natural just leave it with this because it really gives you a flawless look. I gave me shiny plus a flawless look. Still it does not cover any spots so your concealer should help you to cover your spots. And I applied Mac studio fix compact on top of it to give a good finish and yeah my face was now more perfect. I tried two ways with this cream one is I applied foundation plus compact on top of it and went for my cousin baby shower and makeup stayed well on me for 4 hours until i took it off. The other way is by applying only Mac studio fix compact and went for a shopping. This one was far better and I loved the look my face had got. It was so shiny and it stayed like that for more than 3 hours. Even after I came home with too much shopping my face looked the same like when i started from my home. But i got one pimple in my chin, when i left it stay on my face for a day (24 hours) as i was on travel and could not wash my face. But it did not break me more. It was just one and only once i got that with continuous use i did not find anything popping out.

Pros :

  • It gives a shiny and flawless finish
  • Affordable Price with good quantity. A little amount will do.
  • Your friends will definitely ask you 'Aahhh your face is beautiful what are you using ??'.
  • Gives you a perfect finish to go for a shopping
  • A good makeup base 

Cons :

  • I expected it to fade spots.
  • Broke me out once but was fine with continuous use.
  • Packaging can be improved.

Rating : 4.8/5

Overall I liked Lakme Intense Whitening Light Creme and would buy again !!
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