Saturday, 5 July 2014

Light shaded green and dark grey shimmer simple eye makeup tutorial

Happy Sunday All !! Today lets see how to apply eye makeup with two light shaded colors. This will give you a simple neutral eye makeup look but with two different colors. One is Hot Cinnamon Shimmer and the other is Amazing Grey Shimmer from the brand Estee Lauder.
I have explained this step by step as per the picture added.

Step 1 : Apply concealer around your eyes and little talcum powder on it for a good base.

Step 2 : Apply the grey shimmer eyeshadow on your crease and extend it till your outer V as shown in picture. Apply it lighter from one half of the crease till inner V and darker from the other half till outer V.
Star marked is Amazing grey shimmer
Step 3 : Apply the very light shaded green eyeshadow on your lid and blend it well. Take care that you are not it blending with the already applied grey color.
Star marked is Hot Cinnamon Shimmer 
Step 4 : This picture shows how the eye looks after applying the green eye shadow.

Step 5 : Apply the lightest shimmer eyeshadow to fill your arc.

Step 6 : Apply eyeliner as you like. Here I have given a normal eyeliner look.

Step 7 : Apply Masacara and also apply black eye pencil to your water line. Apply the black eye pencil also to your lower lash line intensely and smudge it with your ring finger.

You are done with your light shaded makeup look !! 

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