Saturday, 9 August 2014

Bollywood celebrities goggle styles !!

Goggles will definitely shoot up the look of anyone !! And bollywood celebs wears it anywhere anytime even during nights lolz like during the tampa film festival most of them were wearing goggles during the night times when they actually arrived the place.. 

So here are some of our celebs goggle styles !! Enjoy seeing them !! 

Aishwarya Rai : She always tries trendy ones and she wears bigger goggle. But that actually suits her. Goggle she wears will be in different shapes. And those go with her dresses too.

Bipasha Basu: Though she is a hot queen the goggles she selects will not be so great and would be a normal one which we can see in shops. It will not be so hard for us to find a goggle like the one she wears. Bipasha should know how to select it ... 

Deepika Padukone : Most of the times deepika wears a aviator. I hope she loves them and she has got a bold look on wearing them. Only for ad's or films she wears different goggles.

Kareena Kapoor : I hope she is not much fond of goggles and the selection of her goggles is not trendy at all. It lowers a little dose in her look. Kareena goggle not for you !!

Katrina Kaif : Katrina's goggle style will also be a bigger one. She don't wear makeup most of her travel time and this goggle enhances her look. 

Sonakshi Sinha : I have not seen sonakshi wearing goggle most of the times. But she when she wears them it gives her a dose of trendy look to her. She has got a flawless face too. 

Sonam Kapoor : Sonam has got a good selection on goggles. She always tries a different fashion looks with them.

Priyanka Chopra : I think she has the got the actual stylish look with the goggles. Her goggles are always different and we really need to check on stores for those patterns. It really suits her and adds a high dose to her fashionable look. 

So what's your trendy collection of goggles ?? Mine is from the brand prada ... Share in your comments... 

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