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How to get a beautiful skin before the day of your wedding

Everyone dream about their wedding because that's the day our friends our relatives gather around to wish us for the beautiful  journey of life. And yeah we will be super busy with all stuffs. Though makeup will show us beautiful, we should definitely follow the skin care regime before the wedding.

How to plan for best skin care regime before the wedding:

  • Start all your wedding regime a month before the day of wedding. Plan a week by week process and be ready on your wedding. 
  • Start to drink 3 liters of water. I am starting here with water because this is going to flush out all the toxins from your body and your step 1 to help you get a glow.
  • Everyday have any kind of fruit. Be it banana or Apple or orange, anything you can take but you should have it daily. Have the fruits early morning to add you more benefit. 
  • Have orange juice every two days. I mention orange here because this is going to add a complete glow to your skin. 
  • For a month, completely avoid having oily foods because this might get you a pimple. Do not try any new creams or any new products on you. 

Facepack : 

Apply a facepack weekly once for four weeks, you can buy it online from any good brand but let it be ayurveda because that would never give you any side effects. And use the same face pack for the whole four weeks as continuous use will give you a good result. You can use ubtans, let's see whats ubtan. Ubtan is a homemade paste (available in high end brands too) used in ancient times for skin care. And girls use the ubtan before the marriage all over their body for ten continuous days as a complete regime. For applying on face, you can buy it from the store but for all over body we cannot afford so much money so its better you prepare at home.

How to prepare ubtan at home ?
There are different types of Ubtan with various beneficial ingredients. For skin lightening you can use the following ubtan.

Rose - Sun dried and grinned rose petals ( The normal dark pink rose)
Sandalwood powder - You can get this from the store
Orange - Peel the orange skin, sun dry and grind it.
Rosewater - You can get this from store
Turmeric - A pinch

Mix all the above said mixture and apply all over your body and face. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash it off with a moisturizing body wash.  With the above mentioned pack you can definitely see  tremendous glow with 2 to 3 times of use. You can also apply this powder on your face daily, do not leave it for 20 minutes. Just apply and wash your face daily like how you use daily face wash.

In terms of our skin, some of them have rough and dark skin on their back and hip. Don't worry just choose best body butter which will help you make your skin soft with daily use. If i may suggest, I use body butters from the body shop and it works great for me.

Waxing : 
Do you know waxing adds a tone of color to your skin. It will take four to six weeks for hair to grow on your skin after you do waxing in parlor. Do your waxing nearing to your day of wedding and not two weeks before. Say if the wedding is on Friday, do your waxing on wednesday. Do it in parlor and not by yourself because they do it well and its easy for us.

A wax tip : Do not wax your skin often in the parlor way, your skin might loose its tightness, and do not wax with cream it will darken your skin. You can use high brand razor like philips, panasonic because they have both dry and wet removal options.

Facial : 

If you are planning to do a facial in parlor then definitely do it atleast three days before your wedding. Do not do it two days or one day before as it will make your face either dark or it may give you pimple because of the massage they give. Choose Aroma facial for your wedding because that gives you all the glow and its very good for skin. It calms and soothes and aroma oils has lot of good benefits for skin.

Manicure and Pedicure :
Our usual manicure and pedicure will be once a month but keeping in mind the wedding is in a month do it twice. check on if you have dark skin around your nails, if so ask the parlor to concentrate more on it. Go for a pedicure done with fishes as it removes all your dirt and it feels fantastic. Before you go for bed apply olive oil to your nails and surrounding areas and then sleep. Its better if you apply only top quality nail polish for a month else leave your nails free. Let your nails breath. Get a beautiful nail art done for your wedding. Pink shades, golden shades, red shaded will do wonders.
Buy a very good body lotion which only adds moisturizing  effect but if you are going on sun then buy a body lotion with SPF level 15. Get a beautiful anklet to add more beauty to your legs.
Eyebrows : 

Do your eyebrow trimming in the same parlor and do not change it. If you have smaller eyebrows then start to apply castor oil everyday and it will grow well. There are eyebrow gels to fill in your brows and to give a shape in stores. And those gels come with different colors so based on your hair color you can choose them.

Spa :

And this is the right time for going to a spa. Yes choose a very good parlor and go for it. Its not required you need to choose the costly spa it will be great even if you choose affordable spa treatment because you are doing a healthy regime process already.

Hair :
For hair, I have already wrote a post here

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