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VLCC Insta Glow Party Facial Kit Review

Facials !!! Yes we all love to do it because it rejuvenates the look. I was in mall browsing through the VLCC facial kits. There were different kind of facial kits and was totally confused on what to buy. Previously I tried a facial kit from Joves and was not that satisfied. I love to go for parlor for a facial but yeah we are super lazy so I decided this time I do it on my own. Finally I purchased this VLCC insta glow facial kit. I got a anti pollution face wash free with this kit. I specifically bought this insta glow because I can't wait for two days for the facial to show its effect. 

Price : 175 INR 
Quantity : 10gms each (4 packets)
Available : Online 
Buy here :
Amazon India: VLCC Insta Glow Facial Kit
Amazon USA : VLCC Professional Salon Series Insta Glow Facial Kit 5x10g
Flipkart India : VLCC insta glow facial kit

My Take on the Product : 

The whole pack looked green in color and inside the box there were four packets. They mentioned what to be applied first with clear instructions like Step 1, 2, 3 & 4. 
The four packets are : 
Indian Berberry Face Scrub
Saffron Massage Gel
Snigdha Face Cream
Insta Glow Face Pack

Step 1 with India Berberry Face Scrb : 

Indian Berberry face scrub that helps in exfoliation and rejuvenation of the skin and leaves it clean and refresh, porcelains and retexturises, cleans and refreshes the skin. Date extract and papaya deep cleanses and moisturises the skin.
Directions: Apply evenly on wet face and neck. Leave it on for 2-3 minutes. Then massage gently in circular motions for 3-4 minutes and then rinse it off.

It looked white in color with lots of scrub particles(papaya seeds). The amount of the scrub was high that we can use it next time but we can't keep the packet open as its not hygienic so i was forced to use them all. The smell was mild and I liked it. It smells like a flower got wet in rain lolz. After applying and massaging it with water for few minutes I washed it off with cold water. I felt a itchy sensation on my forehead and below my lips. I did not use more water while applying this scrub and this might be the reason for this. I saw a immediate effect like my face got brightened and smooth.

Step 2 with Saffron Massage Gel :

Saffron massage gel, ultra light massage gel that combines the virtues of Mulberry and Saffron lightens and brightens the skin while improving its texture.
Directions : Apply on clean skin and massage gently in upward and circular strokes with wet finger tips for 8-10 minutes.

The saffron gel was in light red color and I loved the way it looked. The smell of saffron gel was very nice. As soon as i applied the gel on my face I felt it so cool and soothing. On using this gel I felt so calm but it was tough for me to massage with this gel. I wanted to pinch on my cheeks and massage but this gel was super smooth and it did not leave me to do that. You can feel a super cold sensation on applying this. Washing this gel off was quite tough and took sometime. But the way my face looked after using this saffron gel was awesome. It kind a got a super glow. 

Step 3 with Snigdha Face Cream : 

Snigdha face cream, enriched with skin lightening co-agents like Mulberry and Lemon peel extract lightens skin pigmentation without dehydrating the skin and makes it look fairer and radiant.
Directions: Apply generously on clean skin and massage gently in circular and upward strokes for 10 minutes and rinse it off.
I am wondering why did they give two massage items here. Because already the massage is done with saffron gel and again with this face cream. The face cream was white in color and had too much of smell. Too much of cream was there and on applying it I really felt a heat sensation below my chin. I think its because am massaging a lot. Its so buttery cream and you can feel that while you apply it. For dry skinned beauties it works out but for oily skinned beauties it might make you little oily. Don't get this in to your eye, I got it :-(. After 10 minutes of massage i just wiped it off with moist cotton and took a steam for my face for not more than 10 minutes.
Step 4 with Insta glow Facial Kit :

Insta glow face pack contains Lavender and Rosemary to brighten the complexion, giving it a characteristic luminosity, radiance and softness.
Directions: Apply a generous layer on the face and let it be for 20 minutes and wipe it off with cold water.
So I was done with the steps 1,2 & 3 and came to the face pack. The face pack again looked white in color and was very thick. I had a doubt if i can apply it properly as it looked like it might fall off while applying. But I was able to spread it well. I loved the smell of this face pack it had a mixed smell of sandalwood. I applied this for 20 minutes but it got dried even sooner. After washing it off  I was not able to believe the glow it gave me. Yes its true for the name Insta Glow. 
Pros : 
  • Each and every packet added a glow
  • Did not dry out the face.
  • Affordable price for a facial kit because in parlors they charge a lot.
  • Fragrance is mild and nice.

Cons :
  • Two massage cream is not required. They could have planned better.
  • Packaging can be improved so we can use them for two facials. 

Overall, I recommend this, you can have this kit at home when you need a very urgent facial and you don't have time to go for a parlor.
F&M Rating : 4/5 ( 1 mark gone because it gave just a glow)

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