Tuesday, 24 April 2018

So what about a twist in topic ! Is that recent fashion controlling you

Hey all it's been quiet a long time I connected with you all.. that's because of my maternity break.
So now I would like to take a interesting topic.
Don't you all think that the fashion which emerges now has got a control over us. Like we are forced to choose what the designers make. Yes we are. For I know a very famous brand of Kurtis ( A dress kind) and I find almost lot of them wearing the same wherever I go and the first thing I did was I stopped buying from that brand.yes I did that ! I stopped ! So I was thinking what's next am I going to get trapped by what the brand asks me to wear or the design which I need I imagine I always dwell about. Well I can understand that what other options we have ?? Like can we ask the manufacturer to design a single dress only for us ? Is that even possible ??? Hmm probably no will be the answer .... So how to come out of these branded designs control over us. Just now go to the local market get one or two dresses or tops of what you like but make sure the local market or the shop you would choose is not of that famous. Now you find a top of your style and just wear and let me know with your pic like what you wore and what kind of compliments you got. This is how you can come out of this branded control. Anyways soon am gonna come along with lot of beautiful designs for you all... Until then see you tomorrow and baa bye beautiful....

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