Saturday, 28 June 2014

Doing Facial is good ?? .. Have these in Mind before you go for it

Doing a facial regime is good for your skin. You can have your skin healthy and have it cleansed, scrubbed and relaxed. 

Things to note before you do Facial  
  • Choose a right parlor because with years of experience they knew different skin types and methods to do facial.
  • When you go with higher priced facial see to that they don't make you sit for 2 hours and apply various products on your face which is not healthy at all.
  • Whatever facial you decide, do not hesitate to ask about what products they use. Because some of them use their own and we won't be sure about the ingredients.
  • Always tell them your skin type before you decide which facial you want. Because fruit facial would not suit oil skinned beauties. 
  • See to the environment of the parlor and ask them to have quality tissue papers to wipe your face and not any sponges.
  • Usually when you do facial they give you a deep massage and steam, this may create pimples or heat boils. Be prepared for that and ask them to give you a proper amount of steam and not to overdo.
  • If they recommend you any kind of facial, ask them on what basis that will suit your skin type.
  • Always keep in mind that facials that claim to make your pimples go away will not always do that. Hence before they keep any instruments for that be ready for a open pore or a mark at that place. 
  • Do your facial regimes only once a month and not every fifteen days. 
  • Ask them to keep your eyes covered with the cotton dipped in water while you have a pack on your face. This will help you relax.
  • Neck is also very important while you have a facial as face and neck should be in same color. 
  • Never do waxing on your face to remove the hairs even they say it wont hurt. It will hurt and bring you heat boils if you have a sensitive skin.
  • Ask them not to do a harsh massage and let it be a soft but effective.
  • When you have your face pack on your face it might get in to your eyes so be careful with it. 
  • Always opt for a face pack that can be wiped off than going with a peel off mask because face pack travels through your pores and cleanses. 
Above are some tips with facials. Hope you all liked. Share your comments. Lets meet in next tips. Hugss....Hugss .. 

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