Sunday, 29 June 2014

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Body mist and Body Lotion Review

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Body mist :

Price : 15$ for 75ml, 25$ for 250ml (Available in India through online in different quantity)
Quantity : 125 ml/ 4.2 fl OZ

Blended with : White musk, sandalwood, vanilla and white peony

My Take on the Product : 
I am very much fond of victoria's secret collection of Perfumes and body mists. They have wide range of these with different flavors especially in Body Mists and have attractive offers if we buy in bulk. I have bought 7 mists and got one for free in a very cheap price and gifted to my relatives. One of my relative knew I love Victoria's secret perfumes and gifted me this set of Mist and Body Lotion of Dream Angels collection. I liked the cute packaging of these two. I usually prefer perfume than mists. But then this heavenly has awesome effect on you, be it perfume or body mist. I loved the way it mixes with my skin and the smell was so divine and truly divine. Few of my friends said its really nice smelly and wanted to buy them. It lasted only for very few hours because its just a mist and you can't expect it to be a perfume. However if you are going for a short shopping this is the perfect mist which will give you nice fragrance while you shop.

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Body lotion : 

Quantity : 100 ml/3.4 fl OZ
 Price : 20$ for 200ml (comes in different quantity)

Blended with : White musk, sandalwood, vanilla and white peony

I personally love Body Shop body lotions but as this is a gift from my cousin I wanted to try. The body lotion also has similar smell like mist. It does not make you feel super moisturized. I have to apply in layers to make a feel that its moisturizes. I would not recommend this for dry skinned beauties. But yeah if you need a light body lotion go for this.

After Applying the Body Lotion

Pros of Both : 

  • The smell is so divine 
  • Gives a good effect when mixed with your skin

Cons of Both : 

  • The mist does not stay longer
  • The lotion does not moisturize
  • Both are Overpriced

Rating : Mist : 3.5/5 and Lotion : 3.5/5

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