Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Are Night Creams Necessary !! What to note on choosing Night Creams????

How many of us cleanse our face before we go for sleep ?. May be in the evening times we cleanse our face but before we go for sleep we don't do it much.
Only during the night time the face gets relaxed and breathes. Hence while choosing your night creams note these points.

  • Night creams should be focusing on moisturizing your face effectively
  • Oily skinned beauties should be cautious that you don't choose the one which might make you oily the next day morning.
  • As night creams has moisturizing effect, dry skinned beauties just be sure that you choose the proper level of moisturizing  by trying it in the store before you go for it.
  • Do not choose night creams based on the claim that it brightens your face over night as our aim is to have our face only a healthy glow.
  • Night creams will take its own time to show its effect so be patience and use it daily. At-least only after 30 days of use you can notice a change. 
  • While choosing your night creams, definitely see the ingredients as we need to avoid harsh chemicals on our face because that's when our face relaxes and we don't want to clog our pores.
  • Fragrance of the cream can be mild and relaxing because you will be sleeping with that for next 8 hours.
  • Your night cream should be rejuvenating rather than focusing on fading your spots.

On Night creams, I am on Ayurveda side and used Jasmine and Patchouli for oily skin from Forest Essentials. Now its over and need to buy it again. And ladies do not forget to cleanse your face before you apply night creams.

Share your comments on night cream product names here and how do you like them!!!!

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