Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Smokey Eye Shadow Tutorial with pictures

Smokey Eyeshadow has a awesome effect on you with a black and a white mixed dresses, A mid green dresses (Not too dark or not too light) and also with a whole black dress. But you really need a patience to have this smokey look. The steps are simple !!!

  •  Apply a eye primer. Here I used Mac Strobe Cream. It kind of illuminates your eye areas. 
  •  Apply Concealer around your eyes and apply talcum powder for a good base. 
  •  Use a a gel eyeliner or a blacky pencil eyeliner and fill your lid with this black color. If you are not sure of the shape you can draw a thick line on your lid and then fill it up. Nicely blend and have it dark and intense. 

  • Take the shimmery black eyeshadow using your brush and apply it on your crease. Blend it well with the already applied eyeshadow on your lid. Extend this till your outer V and form a V shape.

  • Take the lightest shimmery eyeshadow from your eye shadow palette and fill your arc. 

  • Using your eyeliner pencil apply the black color to your water line and to your lower lash line and smudge it using your ring finger or cotton bud. 
  • Apply shimmery eyeshadow on the lower lash line and join it with your inner V
  • There are two ways to apply eyeliner here. One is either don't have it extended and let it look like a normal eyeliner. Else if you want your eyes to look bolder shape then extend the eyeliner. (Photo has both the way !! You can try both). Apply mascara to your lash lines. 

Enjoy !!! You are Done with the smokey eye shadow !!! 

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