Tuesday, 5 August 2014

How to get the permed and wavy hairstyle look without any heat or curling iron

Hello Beauties !! We all love wavy hair, curly, permed hair ... And we use curlers with lot of heat to do it. Sometimes we don't spray the heat resistant spray. Today lets see how to get the below hairstyles with just paper and a hairpin or a knot.

Things needed : 

Papers, hair pins (optional)

How to get the look of permed hair like the 1st picture (Above) ?? 

If you need a permed hair look like the 1st picture above, then wet your hair or you can do this after you shampoo your hair. Split two sides of your hair and take some, now twist your hair as the below picture (Note : This is for hair to look like the 1st picture above). With a paper (Normal news paper will do), try to fold your hair until it reaches half (I folded completely). Now with the two ends of the paper tie a knot if you feel the paper is light and it might tear then keep the two ends crossed and put a hair pin there. Repeat the same steps until you are done. Leave it for four hours. Gently remove the pin and it will look like below picture. Now comb your hair as usual to get the look !!

How to get the look of wavy hair ??

So there is a simple difference to get a wavy hair. Shampoo your hair and dry it off well. (Note : You can do it wet if you want). Now do not twist your hair and just fold it with the news paper and leave it on the hair for 4 hours. So you are done with the wavy hair look.

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