Monday, 4 August 2014

Peacock shade eyemakeup tutorial !! A blue and green EyeMakeup !!

Hello All !! How about a eye shadow tutorial with Blue and green combo which is similar to peacock shade. This shade is so bold and shows your eye brighter and hot !! Awesome right!! I am giving you the steps with the picture of this blue and green eyemakeup.

Product Used :

Color Bar Eye Shadow Palette
Color Bar Eye Makeup brushes
Colors : Blue, Dark Green and Light Green.

Steps are given below the picture : 

Step 1 : Get ready with a good eyemakeup base for the makeup and a concealer with a talcum powder on it for a good stay

Step 2 : Apply the blue color on the 3/4 the the lid and the crease. Form a V shape.

Step 3 : Leave 1/4th of space from the inner V and apply the dark green eyeshadow on your lid and crease

Step 4 : Now blend the dark green eyeshadow and the blue eyeshadow well.

Step 5 : Fill in the 1/4 th space left with light green eyeshadow from the inner V. Blend it with the dark green eyeshadow.

Step 6 : Apply the light green eyeshadow to your lower lash line but fill only a half of the lower lash line. If you need you can apply it till the end of your lower lash line. Here I have applied only a half as I like this way.

Step 7 : Connect your inner V and the lower lash line with the light green eye shadow. Apply mascara, eyeliner and kajal only to your lower water line. I mentioned kajal to be applied only to your lower lash line because the whole eyemakeup is so bold and with awesome colors. To show them brighter kajal can be applied only to your water line. Again it depends on individual. If needed you can apply it to your lower lash line.

You are done with your eyemakeup. This goes well with dark blue, navy blue and a green dress. Kindly share this in facebook, twitter, pininterest or google plus it will be a great motivation for me.


  1. This is such a beautiful look! Thanks for the tutorial, I'm the worst at eyeshadow :p
    Legally Brunette ♥

    1. Thank you sarah for your comments... I have few more eyemakeup tutorials in this site !! Hope you can get it right soon :-)


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