Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Maybelline Color sensational Lip Polish Pop 6 Review and Swatches

Hello Beauties !! Its maybelline Lip Polish Mania ... Whichever Websites i browse i see the Maybelline lip polish ad's to buy them. Yes I could not stop me from buying this. For a long time, I wanted to try a bold lip color because everytime I buy a lipstick I go with brown shaded or a neutral one because those colors suits well to anyone. So this time with maybelline lip polish I definitely thought I am not going to buy those shades and was in a bold side. So thats where Pop6 came to me.  There are 15 shades in this maybelline lip polish like Glam 1, Glam2, Pop1, Pop2 etc ...
Price : 450 INR
Quantity : 5 ml

What Maybelline Claims: “3 in 1 Lip color that cares like a balm. Shines like a gloss and color's like a lipstick.”
Soothing balm and Honey nectar: Cares and soothes the lips.
Honey Essence Oil: The highly reflective oil delivers a polished shine.
Ultra-concentrated pigments: Delivers potent color.
Brush: Exclusive smoothing angora brush delivers a polished, even application and smoothing sensation to lips.

My Take on the Maybelline color sensation lip polish Pop 6 : 

The lip polish comes in different colors but i opted for Pop 6. The packaging was so cute in look and it looked like a lip stick. They gave a brush to apply the lip polish and the brush was so soft to apply them on the lips. Brush is little tilted and bunch of very soft fibers sticking out. I loved the brush a lot.

The pop 6 was a bright and bold color. The color nears to a light to medium red and when you apply them on your lips wherever you are your lips will show you brighter. You have to be careful while applying because it tends to come out of the lips. It would be good if you can use lip pencil before you apply the lip polish. After you apply the lip polish you will feel something heavy on your lips. Yes you will be conscious of that. However the effect it gives you is so beautiful and really glossy, shiny. The staying time is more than two hours if you are not drinking or eating lolz.. After applying the lip polish with the brush I adjusted it using my fingers to get it right. If your skin is sensitive then you will feel some kind of a very very light heat/itchy sensation on your lips. It does not have any smell.

Pros :

  • Packaging is cute 
  • Brush given is so soft to apply and looks different from all the gloss brushes. 
  • Gives a polish to the lips as claimed
  • There are 15 shaded !! Wow !! 

Cons : 

  • A feel of heaviness on the lips
  • Little itchy sensation on the lips
  • Overly priced.

F&M Rating : 4/5
Overall I loved the look it gives to my lips. This pop6 will look awesome on fairer looking skin.  You can give a try !!

Availability : Online (Amazon and Flipkart)

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