Monday, 30 June 2014

Two Tone Eye Shadow Tutorial (Sephora Berry Crush and Estee Lauder Nocturnal Blue Satin)

This tutorial will be a basic eyemakeup.

Products Used :
Brush - Estee Lauder
Berry Crush Eye shadow - Sephora
Nocturnal Blue Satin - Estee Lauder
Concealer - Sephora

Step 1 : Moisturize your eyes and start applying 'Concealer'  (I used Sephora Concealer). Blend the concealer well and apply loose powder.
Applied Concealer
Step 2 : Using brush take the eyeshadow at one side. Start applying your eyeshadow by starting from center of your lid to the outer V and again back forth towards inner. But do not go till your inner V.

Step 3 : Nicely blend the color. It should be as below.

Step 4 : Take the second eyeshadow and apply it from the center towards the outer V.

Step 5 : Nicely blend it. Take care that you don't blend it to the inner V. Only half part of the eye should have the second color blended well. Using the second color create a V shape at the Outer V

Step 6 : Use the lightest shimmery color on your eye shadow palette and fill it on your Arc, Inner V and Lower Lash line. From the lower lash line join it towards the inner V.

Step 6 : Apply Eyeliner and Mascara. You are Done !!!

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