Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Nail Art from Waste in Few Minutes ....

Hey All !!!!

This is absolutely new and interesting to have a nail art with any magazine cover which has lot of different designs. So you can yourself do your nail art with the design you like with only two things.
1. Punching Machine 
2. Nail Glue

Step 1 : Apply Base coat on your nails. Choose any magazine cover (The design you like !!! )

Step 2 : With the punching machine, punch on the design and collect it.

Step 3 : Now apply the nail glue to the back side of the design and paste it on your nail (Whatever way you like !!! )

Step 4: Apply Top coat on your nail and you are done with a beautiful nail art.

Note : While removing this follow the same steps you use to remove a normal nail art. 

So simple isn't ??? Share your comments !!! 

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