Friday, 1 August 2014

How to do makeup in 5 minutes ??

Hey All !! We all are super busy everyday running to work, cleaning our home, cooking and yeah we don't have much time for a everyday makeup look !!
Here are simple ways to apply a makeup in very little time and look gorgeous.

Step 1 : Cleanse your face with your normal face wash. See to that your face wash adds moisture to your face !!

Step 2 : Use a BB cream instead of foundation which you can apply very easily even without a primer. But definitely use a moisturizer before applying BB cream. BB cream moisturizes, primes, acts as a light foundation and covers spots.

Step 3 : Apply the loose powder with a brush all over your face and neck. Loose powder because its easy to dab on your face and sets up great on your BB cream. Use a brush to apply loose power. Take a little and just tap it on your wrist once before you apply so you don't take lot of powder.

Step 4 : Apply eyeliner and a lipstick. For lipstick during day wears you can use a neutral color and use a bold color during nights !!. If you need to concentrate much on your eyes add up with mascara and kajal. Coat on your upper lash lines will do a great job.

Step 5 : Spray a little rose water on your face. A little will do. This will set your makeup and get you a fresh feel.

So you are done with your 5 minutes makeup !! Kindly share this using below buttons in facebook or pinterest or google plus or twitter that will be a motivation for me.

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